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Throughout life’s journey we experience myriad transitions: new decades of life, new homes, new jobs, and new pets. All of these transitions can be acknowledged, supported, and nurtured with beautiful ceremonies.

Cronings (for women)

Although a croning is often created around a woman’s physical changes (pre-menopause, peri-menopause, post-menopause), this celebratory group of women is also convened to help a woman make the transition to a new level of personal awareness. A croning is an opportunity for a woman to reflect upon life’s journey and to honor—rather than fear—aging. It is a time to embrace new priorities, take pride in a changing body, and claim the role of wise woman. Joyful and moving, a croning is perfect for a woman as she celebrates her 40th birthday or for a woman past 50 when she celebrates a birthday, becomes the matriarch of the family, or embarks on a new life.

Home Blessing

Whether your new living space is a rented apartment, a renovated condominium, a custom-designed home, or a family farm, a New Home Blessing is the perfect way to begin life in your new residence. A blessing—involving you, your family, your friends—cleanses the space, makes it “your own,” and can initiate the positive, loving environment that you endeavor to sustain.

Pet Blessing

Pets hold very special places in the lives of many people; they are companions that offer the ultimate unconditional love, the companions with whom a special and unique communication bond is created. Families, single men and women, and the elderly can enjoy an even more special connection with a pet when a ceremonial blessing honors that relationship.

Work/Retirement Blessing

Changes in work lives are far more prevalent than in years past. Our turbulent global economy and changes brought about by technology have demanded that people alter the way they think about work and earn a living. A ritual that initiates calm, order, and thoughtfulness amidst transition and chaos can be the balm that helps a man or woman navigate the new world.


"To celebrate my milestone birthday, I decided to throw myself a party. When I heard about Peggy’s croning ceremony, I knew that I had found THE way to celebrate this birthday. What a memorable and beautiful evening it turned out to be! It was lovely in all respects, and I believe everyone there was touched in various ways by the ceremony. For me, it was incredible to know how I had touched the lives of others, and how I connect with friends.

This was an absolutely priceless gift! Peggy flawlessly guided and directed the ceremony. I would recommend a croning to any woman who is ready to celebrate who and what she is as an elder woman."

Jo Ann Ballard


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